Beginning or the End, To Blog or not to blog

So Like a few of us I started writing this blog for a Social media Class project, it has now come to the end of that class. I did find it rather interesting to be able to reach out with thoughts and opinions and other information and interact with the world. I think I will continue this blog and try to contribute more useful and interesting posts as I learn and go along. Being more mobile and having a better ability to access my digital world when I have something good to say will help tremendously. We’ll see how it goes. 



Dear CNN ( you rock) and other media and newscasters worldwide,

the scum of the earth that held those women in Cleveland is a disgusting vile piece of crap and does not deserve to even have his name mentioned anymore, and especially does not deserve any airtime to show his nasty photo. He is a terrorist just like the Boston bombers, only he is a sick pervert and deserves even worse than he will ever get! We need some legislation changes America, no one should be treated like this is be allowed to get away with treating another human like this. They have to be kept locked up or put to death. Plain and simple we have no room in society for this.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight

& the others still missing


It’s getting very warm here, even in Northern California, Please lets not be cruel and stupid, leave the pets at home not in a car to cook!

More Pizza, (Hey,my great grandparents are from Sicilia)!

So what I get out of the advertising I’ve seen: Little Caesars, Domino’s & Pizza Hut, are the top three crap fast food pizzas with Pappa Johns having a bit of an edge on quality. But hey that’s America, why buy broccoli for $1.29Lb when a whole pizza is 5-8 bucks? We have a weight problem in this country, can’t wait to eat, BADLY.  I would prefer Pepsico stay in the drink business, more of us would have smaller rears and hips and less stomach aches with gas and diarrhea.



So the “nicest” guys bombed Boston, and with good ol’ “Southie” pride they took right care of it. Keep those flags flying America and remember we’re in this together. Our hearts go out to all the victims in Boston, Texas, India, China, anywhere there is tragedy.

I’m not worthy

I was privileged to see Kathy Griffin and Brian Regan this weekend. I’m so not worthy. They both have great and different shows. Don’t take your kids to see Kathy but Brian is a family show. That being said, Kevin Pollack is a great comedian, who doesn’t get enough credit for his stand up and impersonations. ImageImage

Teens Today (a thank you note)

PARENTS:SO I don’t agree with the idiot who wastes perfectly good bullets on a perfectly good laptop, but I do agree that a little humiliation can go a long way. I’m exhausted with my kid and his messy room; I said “I’ve  had enough, clean it or photos of the filth pit are going on FACEBOOK!”

He took everything out down to the carpet so he could vacuum and carpet shampoo to start. He’s talking longer than I’d like but he’s cleaning it more thoroughly than he ever has.

Thank You Facebook, and other socialized media, without you we could not of instantly embarrassed our children into submission. HA!

Scott’s Coments and blog stuff and thingy or something, and then some

Scott Costantino

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Sounds like your ready to enjoy some fun instead of planning it. You have some cool things to look forward to and you’ve just made one of the biggest steps(moving). Get down with your bad self. I like your blog the way you have a good post of some stuff and then a cool quote. it’s a neat set up.

2.This is a really cool blog. It’s fun, informative interactive and eye catching. I envy your ocean experiences. The stories and facts that go with everything really ties it all well and the worm on the hook is too cute.


As I continue to strive to pull my head out as much as possible please bear with me and remember my condition (over 40 teenager,blah blah) please bear with me and follow me on FB,Twitter & Pinterest as I really work to develop some kind of collaboration of things.




Chicago deep dish, where’s the best pizza in Sonoma county?
I’ve been to Italy and Sicily, Round table and Pizza guys, Along with Pizza Hut, no thank you.